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Development trend of stage lighting
Source:ANDY         Time:2022-11-1 11:14:09

Core tip: stage lighting as an important part of the stage art, people have been in pursuit of the ideal of the artistic effect with all kinds of lights.

Therefore, the choice and configuration of stage lighting is especially important. In the past, there are not only a wide variety of lamps and lanterns, but also a wide range of power, low luminous efficiency, a single function.

In recent years, in the huge market demand and lighting enterprise research and development level of continuous progress in the background, the domestic lighting enterprises have made considerable development and progress, whether in terms of the functions, effects and quality, or in product design, new technology application and energy saving, are gradually close or exceed foreign brands. The progress of the times and the development of science and technology, the development of stage lighting, there will be the following trends:

1, the total power will fall
In the premise of meeting the needs of the application, the total power will be reduced, which can not only save energy, reduce the cable and construction costs, but also to avoid the power of a large variety of security issues.
2, the luminous efficiency of lamps will be higher
Luminous efficiency depends on two factors, one is the light source, the new light source for the use of advanced technology and technology, its luminous efficiency is high; the two is the hardware and software design, selection of high quality accessories and reasonable software design, will make electrical, electronic and other parts of the power consumption is low, so as to improve the efficiency of lamps.

3, the function of the lamps will be more fully developed


Previous lamps and lanterns function is single, in the same studio, need to configure more lamps, not only investment, but also increased the difficulty of construction, maintenance costs are also higher. If the product function is complete, the problems be smoothly done or easily solved.

4, the higher the degree of intelligent lighting

Real time monitoring of the temperature, can understand the temperature of the lamp, in the premise of ensuring heat dissipation, reduce noise; multiple security protection, built-in temperature switch, temperature sensor, wind speed detection, electronic ballast working state detection, etc., to ensure the use of safety; close the light automatically reduce power rate, low temperature, accessories not easy aging, more durable.

5, the lamp is more humane

To the friendly man-machine interface development, intuitive and simple menu, operational stronger; touch screen and keys can be used at the same time, quick operation; built-in lithium battery, no electric, can also set the address code and other parameters; light in weight, easy handling and construction safety; through XLR seat, cable and direct upgrade program.

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